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Florida promises a beautiful climate and quality of life, but pressures from the growth economy threaten to destroy this dream.  The Responsible Growth Management Coalition fosters and supports practices that help to ensure that Southwest Florida (SWFL) remains a desirable place to live for all citizens.  We advocate for sustainable development practices that link growth to appropriate infrastructure, minimize environmental impacts, permanently preserve public space, and provide a safe and accessible lifestyle.  We accomplish this through informed public participation, education, innovation, and litigation.  Working together we can protect and restore SWFL's quality of life.

Since 1988 , the RGMC has been a vocal proponent of sound growth management strategies and plans. Today, civic participation is more important than ever. Explore this site or join us to find out how you can help ensure a responsible future for Lee County.

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We are happy to partner with the Inner Loop Working Group who are working to protect land in the Lee County Density Reduction/Groundwater Recharge area” https://innerloopworkinggroup.com/


Inner Loop Working Group