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Fairy Tales:

Six Fairy Tales about Growth in Florida (2009; part I 9:55)

Six Fairy Tales about Growth in Florida (2009: 9:58) 

Phantom Future:

Phantom Future (2003 Part I 9:58) mining

Phantom Future (Part II 9:56) manatees, water etc 

Phantom Future (Part III 9:57) coral disease, water quality etc

Changing Lanes:

Changing Lanes (2009 part I 9:10)- about roads 

Changing Lanes (2009 part II)

Changing Lanes (2009 part III- wildlife underpasses)

2. Prezi’s about our local Lee County solid waste facilities.

Prezi Presentation about the Lee County Waste to Energy (Covanta) facility

(More about Covanta and similar facilities worldwide)

Prezi Presentation about the Lee County Material Recovery Facility MRF (recycle)

(More videos about recycling).

The RGMC is a proud sponsor of the

Cela Tega Conference Series

There have been 5 conferences since 2008 and the website has lots of useful information to help you become more aware and involved on local matters.

Please help us encourage Lee Tran to adopt the pulseplan at www.abetterleetran.com by speaking in support of this proposal to the Lee County Commissioners and email the LeeTran director Robert Codie.

Keep the pressure on the Commissioners to put impact fee collections back to 100% (and keep the text about that)

Remember to vote and participate in local governance issues.

To become more involved contact Nora Demers at ndemers@fgcu.edu